GPHSA Mission

GPHSA's mission is to support Georgia’s professional staff who serve individuals, families, and children.  

This is accomplished by providing education and information, advocacy, professional activities and events, and communication.

Education & Information

GPHSA provides education and information for persons who work in human services. Our Annual Training Conference in September provides intensive high-quality training to human service professionals from across the state of Georgia. We offer workshops with state of the art information for human service professionals on a quarterly basis. GPHSA has established a Foundation that provides members with training grants of up to $1000 in a lifetime. The Foundation can also provide members with a low cost educational loan to continue their formal education in human services.


GPHSA provides a voice for families and children who are served by public assistance and child welfare programs in the Georgia General Assembly. The Executive Director of the Association is a registered lobbyist and GPHSA develops an annual legislative agenda to advocate for children who are abused or neglected, families trying to escape poverty by becoming employed. GPHSA also advocates for improvements in the social services system and advocates for the professional staff who work in this system. We have a long history of effective advocacy for families, children, and those who serve them.


GPHSA has a variety of events throughout the year. Our annual training has over 600 participants over a three-day period. Our quarterly training events are combined with our GPHSA Board meetings. Each year GPHSA has a Legislative Reception to meet face-to-face with the Legislators that serve our Regions and advocate for the needs of our staff.


GPHSA maintains communication with our members through regular communications from the Executive office, legislative updates during the session, the GPHSA website,, and social media. These events and other communication facilities offer the opportunity for recognition of our corporate partners and sponsors.

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