GPHSA Committees

GPHSA Committees meet to identify issues, barriers and solutions to common problems that impact the work we do and the services we provide.  Committees are work groups with a mission of improving knowledge and efficiency of the work that we do for families and children of Georgia.  Members may serve on any of the committees with the exception of the Long Range Planning Committee.  Membership in this committee is restricted to those designated in the description.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING – Jeannie Lane, ChairFINANCE – Darbi Hixson, Chair
Review training needs of members and seek to obtain quality training; coordinate training to ensure the most participation of members; arrange quarterly training sessions to enhance skills, knowledge, and professionalism of members.Develop an annual operating budget for GPHSA; review expenditures and receipts; make necessary changes in budget; make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding financial matters; study investment policies and otherwise safeguard the sound financial base of the organization. The GPHSA Treasurer chairs this committee.
LEGISLATIVE – Vicky Perkins and Gretchen Cleveland, Co-ChairsLONG RANGE PLANNING – Jennifer Brogdon, Chair
Develop goals and priorities for GPHSA in working with the Legislature; work with other committees to obtain direction for the development of goals and priorities for GPHSA; publish periodic progress reports to the membership regarding the GPHSA Legislative efforts; plan Legislative functions and activities as needed; assist with efforts at Capitol during the Legislative Session.Elected officers, committee chairs and presidential appointees form this committee.  The members of this committee study the needs of the organization and develop goals for future growth and direction for GPHSA.  The GPHSA President-Elect chairs this committee.
Develop annual goal for membership, develop incentives to promote GPHSA and encourage membership; work with groups within the districts to promote membership and participation; recruit Affiliate members. The GPHSA Vice-President chairs this committee.Seek, secure and present nominees for the offices of President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Foundation Trustee to the GPHSA Board of Directors; the nominees must be active GPHSA members who are qualified, dedicated to and enthusiastic about GPHSA; develop election procedures, ballots, and voting regulations; conduct elections as prescribed by the GPHSA Constitution and Standing Rules; tabulate votes and present totals to the GPHSA President for announcement of the results of the elections at the proper time.
Erica Holloman, Co-Chair
SOCIAL SERVICES – Natasha Mike, Chair
Danae Sainz-Ruiz and Robert Lee, Co-Chairs
Study issues affecting public assistance and employability programs; make recommendations to the Legislative Committee for GPHSA goals; identify training and development needs for staff to increase professionalism and to equip staff with skills to facilitate effective collaboration with others; identify issue affecting economic support and employability in order to maximize the potential for self-sufficiency of customers.Promote teamwork and communication among social services staff at all levels across the DFCS organization; identify significant issues as well as barriers to fulfilling the mission of protecting children and helping families and aged individuals; prepare and recommend strategies that address and enhance the effective delivery of social services.
GPHSA’s Technology and Social Media Committee implements the use of social media and technology as tools to provide information about GPHSA, enhance the image of GPHSA and promote participation within GPHSA.  The members within this committee will be able to assist in developing and managing social media plans, accounts as well as the website for the association.