Your Voice


GPHSA’s Executive Director is a registered lobbyist and works with the Georgia General Assembly to advocate for the families and children we serve, the resources necessary to protect and care for them, and to advocate for a stronger system of service. A direct component of this advocacy is to advocate for the staff who provide services to Georgia’s families and children. Examples of this work in recent Sessions include advocacy to provide Medicaid to Georgia’s needy citizens, advocacy to protect the staff and supportive resources necessary to serve Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens, promoting understanding of the impact on families and children of furloughs and staff reductions, advocacy to increase adoptions, and a host of other issues.


Your Source of Information


Receive timely and relevant information regarding issues that impact your work. GPHSA members receive regular reports from the Executive Office on a variety of subjects. Receive real time reports on the proceedings of the Board of the Department of Human Services, The Department of Community Health, the Retirement System, new federal legislation, and reports on the national scene.



Your Network


Network with Georgia’s best and brightest human service professionals. Face it, folks who care enough about the work we do to give a small amount of personal time and resources to make things better for the folks we serve and for the folks who do the work are dedicated and caring professionals. Work with others who are committed to improved outcomes, grow and learn together. GPHSA gives you access to tangible skills in leadership, program improvement, advocacy, and education. The best asset GPHSA members have over the long haul is simply the privilege of being part of a network of highly competent and dedicated professionals.

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