GPHSA Awards

GPHSA President’s Award

The GPHSA President’s Award is given by the President.  Our President has a unique opportunity to observe the entire organization and the award is given to persons who, in the judgement of the President, have made an exceptional contribution to the success of our association.  Recent recipients include:


  • 2022  Jan Prescott
  • 2021  Gretchen Cleveland & Vicky Perkins
  • 2020  Angie Thompson and Steven Giglio
  • 2019  Jeannie Lane and LaMarva Ivory
  • 2018  Jonathan Sloan
  • 2017  Dawn Criss and Pam Benford
  • 2016  Laurence Nelson
  • 2015  Susan Cooper

Felicia Niebel GPHSA Spirit Award

The Felicia Niebel Spirit Award is given to recognize and celebrate a positive and energetic spirit; not one that accepts the status quo, but one that embraces change and displays positive energy in doing this vital work.  The first recipient of the Spirit Award was Felicia Niebel of Muscogee DFCS.  Sometimes our brightest lights dim all too quickly and Felicia’s passing in 2008 saddened us all.  GPHSA decided to honor her, with the permission of her family, by naming the Spirit Award in her honor.  The Niebel family expressed their appreciation of this gesture by deciding to donate $1,000 to the charity of choice of the winner of this award.  Recent recipients include:

  • 2022  Tanisha Moreland
  • 2021  Star Allen
  • 2020  Lynn Green
  • 2019  Jeffery Brown
  • 2018  Sekema Harmon
  • 2017  Debra Maxey-Hunter
  • 2016  Jon Anderson
  • 2015  Mary Havick

GPHSA Lifetime Associate Member Award

The GPHSA Lifetime Associate Member Award is our highest honor.  It is given to individuals or organizations who are not members of the association but have made invaluable contributions to the goals and mission of the association.  Recipients include SMI-INC. our best and longest term corporate sponsor and individuals who rise to this standard of excellence.  The President makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding this award and it is given with the approval of the Executive Committee.  Recent recipients include:

  • 2020  Jack and Pricilla Niebel
  • 2018  Janet Statts and Jeff Lukich
  • 2016  Wayne Drummond