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Retirees' Auxiliary

This GPHSA Retirees' Auxiliary offers an opportunity for Georgia human services retirees to enjoy the benefits membership in GPHSA.


Mr. Bob Pollock, President




The Retirees’ Auxiliary is organized to continue interest in and support for the Parent Organization, the Georgia Professional Human Services Association,  and to maintain interest and support for fellow retirees.

GPHSA Constitution for the Retirees’ Auxiliary

ARTICLE III - Auxiliaries (Last revised - 11/00)

Section 1 - Retiree Auxiliary

  • Membership in the retiree auxiliary of GPHSA shall be limited to retired persons who support the purposes of GPHSA.
  • The retiree auxiliary may organize as deemed necessary and elect officials.
  • The Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the auxiliary, shall establish annual dues. Dues are payable each year in January.
  • The retiree auxiliary shall report to the Board at each Board meeting the status of the auxiliary’s activities.Membership

Membership Dues are $20.00 per year, payable to GPHSA

Please contact the GPHSA Office for information on the members of the GPHSA Retiree Auxiliary.